Jessica Goodwin Photography

The Escape - A Short Story

A rustling of leaves, quite unlike anything I had heard before stopped me in my tracks. Birds stopped chirping, and the cascading shadows of the branches darkened ever so slighty, as though warning me of impending danger. I felt my hair stand on end as I shuddered, the warmth of the day giving way to an evil chill. A crack of a twig. Then another. And another, louder this time. Glancing up through the canopy I saw the blue sky start to fade as the shadows closed in around me. A heavy breathing brought my legs back to life. Spinning on my heel, eyes wide and heart beating wildly, I ran.

Beyond the fence I stopped, my legs aching and my lungs screaming for air. I turned slowly, crouched low, peering through the slats in the fence. Nothing was there. I was not followed. But still, the birds did not sing. The sky did not feel light, the day had a chill. The shadows, they were dark. My every instinct was telling me to keep running, to get away, and yet my curiosity still shone through. Had I imagined it all? Had I merely scared myself? No, I thought, shaking my head slightly. There had to be something. I kept looking. And then, behind the large tree I could see in front of me I saw movement. And I knew I was right. And I knew it was too late.

This short story is in collaboration with ECGadget.